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I love music and think it's a wonderful way of expression. This page is reserved for true music lovers. I'll be giving my comments and hopefully you will to on the message board.

Beyoncé - Dangerously in Love


With the enourmous success of Destiny's Child, Beyoncé was often looked upon as the part of the trio who held it all together. Buying this record I thought it would have the sounds of DC, but artists grow and mature and so does the music they create. This album is very mature and Beyoncé has her own style that I hope DC will not recreate. This is Beyoncé plain and simple. I think when she is with DC she is looking out for everyone, this album is a breath a fresh air. It is creative, subliminal, and makes the listener think. She is very personal in this album, talking about her love, family, and friends. When making a DC album she can't really speak for herself because there are two other girls who must approve of it. Beyoncé co-wrote, produce, arranged, and sang this entire record. She has talent and damn can that gurl sang! Songs like "Crazy in love" show her creative edge, and others  like "Dangerously in love 2" show her vocal abilities. She is comfortable in her own, and has magically created a wonderful album. B

Brian McKnight - U Turn


Brian McKnight's remarkable talent as a singer, writer, musician, producer and arranger is so dynamic, so engaging and so complete that on occasion, especially in this era of pop posers and music video vamp, he appears nothing less than an enigma. What I like about Brian is that he is a vocalist who steps to the microphone and routinely dilivers, with intuitive verve and grace, the kind of passionate performances that cause fans and peers alike to gape in awe and wonder. You don't learn to sing like that; it's a gift. This album is really great but with few great songs. It's hard to explain, Brian is such a great vocalist that I end up not even listening to the song and just listening to his voice; it's very weired. But I really enjoy this album and recomend buying it. B

Mariah Carey - Charmbracelet


Mariah Carey is the most talented vocalist I've ever heard. Better than anyone in her class. This album is "alright" and nothing special that takes music to the next level. She hasn't raised the bar. She isn't a talented composer so I think she should stop wasting her time writing these truly pathetic songs. I'm not a very good composer either but I also don't have millions of dollars in a record deal that are forcing me to write great music. She has written about everything, she's been writing for years and everything has been done. Mostly all the songs on this album sound the same. Generally for a "Diva" this album isn't in a class of its own. Whereas her voice is. Her voice seems really comfortable, at ease, and solid in this album. Her vocal stylings are unmatched by any other. But the material used on this album is just not good enough for an artist who has sold more albums than Elvis and the Beatles. I would not suggest that you buy this album because I beleive there are better albums to come in the futur. I guess what I'm waiting for is mariah to step up to a mic at "the Grammy's" or any high prestige "Gig" and sing her ass off to regain her untouchable status. As the Mariah Carey we've grown to love and respect. C+ 

Whitney Houston - Just Whitney...


Whitney is back, and I am so proud of her. She has released a strong album that is very connected and personal. As a diva there will always be people trying to put you down and she has really captured the interest of my ear through melismatic passages. She talks about her "problems" but doesn't dwell on them because like she says "took my energy they just can't keep up with me". Which show that she will not stop doing what she loves. This album is not a grammy worthy album like her last one but is worth a listen. She has even diversified herself singing rock, pop, blues, jazz, club mixes, and her signature ballad songs. This album is a testiment to the fact that Whitney is a great singer and perfomer and that no matter what the papers write. Or what people say she will keep coming back, demanding our attention! B+ 

Christina Aguilera - Stripped


Christina Aguilera was always known as a clean and proper young girl. People respected her, admired her, and vibed with her music. Then she changed all of that becoming a out of control wild girl with rated videos and opinionated beliefs. People thought that her album (stripped) would be just that, about club hopping, having sex, and flaunting what she's got. But as I listened to her album I realised that this second attempt at an english album is amazing. The album is so raw and personal without any bs heard from other artist talking about perfect childhoods. Whereas Christina talks about broken homes and living without friends, family, and companionship with ease. She is truly one of the best vocalists of our time and I believe that she is the next Madonna, reinventing herself with every album. A-

Shania Twain - Up!


Timmins, Ontario is only 2 hours from here and Shania's new album really reflects life up here. She has captured the variety in the varied music we listen to. Her cd has everything, she even included a second cd with country blue versions. It is a package not to be missed. Shania has truly made Canadians proud, not only by the way she acts, but by not forgetting her roots. She captures everything in this album and it really grown on you quickly. Her two first hits "gonna get you good" and "up" were played on our radio stations at least 10 times a day. (SERIOUSLY) They were drilled in our heads. She doesn't try to write deep poetry like Mariah Carey, she just write about whatever she wants. Simplicity is the best policy and she is a perfect example with her writing. The songs on her album are catchy, fun, and hits. Every single song, which is quite amazing. I can picture her concerts now, and imagine them as memorable events. She is an amazing artist and her album is a great testament to that. Go Shania! A

Justin Timberlake - Justified


Justin Timberlake is truly amazing! His album isn't. It has few great songs but has a very distinct sound that N'Sync could never get. It's a sound that the listener could just sit and vibe with. He is also very original and doesn't copy other artist. This is important because there are so many copy cat artist (Shawn Desmand) who don't show true creativity, even if it's the same genre. Justin is a great performer, singer, and writer (amazing) so his album is worth a listen. His songs aren't timeless and that's what bothers me. But whatchya gonna do? It's a good cd anyways. People say he is the next Micheal Jackson! I have one thing to say about that. Let's hope he's not! Creepo!ha B- 

Kelly Clarkson - Thankful


Kelly Clarkson, the "AMERICAN IDOL". She truly deserves that title. But does this texan stand up to this title with her debut album? I think not. It is an amateur album that doesn't have a definate sound. She was amazing on the show but her work doesn't match up to other artists. There are good songs on this album but nothing that is definately outstanding from anything we've heard from her before. There is a blues feel that really stands out in this album but then she has songs like "miss independant" which are good but so 1995! And then a great ballad like "anytime" which is one of the best songs on the album other than "a moment like this" and "before your love" songs we've heard 1 million times. I don't think this album really showed what Kelly can do, I think the label controlled everyhthing and didn't allow her to do more with it. It is a great effort, but I guess my expectations were pretty high. B-